Board of Directors Announces New President and CEO

Lynne Innes Ontario’s first Indigenous woman to lead a health authority

bird's eye view of weeneebayko region

Quality Health-care Services

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality health care to people living in the Weeneebayko region.

Community Health Care

Providing quality holistic health-care services that reflect the distinct needs of all peoples in the Weeneebayko region.

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Weeneebayko Area Health Authority Welcomes You

We are committed to providing holistic health-care services that promote health and wellness.

Community Care

We provide ongoing support for families and communities through health education, advocacy and Cree language services.

Holistic Health

WAHA provide quality holistic healthcare services that reflect both western and traditional approaches to medicine.

Career Opportunities

Discover what WAHA has to offer to healthcare professionals looking for an opportunity to practice in Northern Ontario.

The Weeneebayko Way

The Cree people of the James/Hudson Bay lowlands refer to the waterways that make up their traditional territory as Weeneebayko. The hospital governance structure reflects the needs of the six communities we serve.

Emergency Services

Please visit or call your local healthcare location.

  • Moose Factory (705) 658-1111
  • Moosonee 911
  • Attawapiskat (705) 997-1111
  • Fort Albany (705) 278-1111
  • Kashechewan (705) 275-4004
  • Peawanuck (705) 473-2525

How You Can Help

Area residents depend on the Health Authority to provide the best medical care possible, and your support helps the hospital and the clinics to be ready when helps is needed.

Area Health Authority receives support from a variety of governments, government departments and agencies, but healthcare in most of Canada is under-funded, so more money is needed.