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Grief Edu-Therapy Program – Registration Details

What is Grief-Edu-Therapy?
The Edu-Therapy™ process of grief resolution is recognized as one of the most effective programs for dealing with the pain caused by loss and the grief that is often created by conflict within our relationships. This 3-day program will address the conflicting emotions caused by loss and enhance your ability to participate fully in your life and relationships.

How people can register to participate?
The first 10 registrations are accepted, 1 participant per family.  This program is offered every other month and the sessions run for three days in a row, 9:30 am to 4 pm.  For information on how to register, please contact (705) 658-4544, Michelle Ortiz ext. 2239 or Gertie Linklater ext. 427.

For further information, please click here for the program pamphlet