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Paramedic Services Week

This week is Paramedic Services Week; we want to extend our greatest appreciation for our front line workers who have gone above and beyond.  They tirelessly work 365, 24 hours a day providing pre-hospital care to our communities along the James Bay coast. Our 60 dedicated Primary Care Paramedics are an asset and strength. We could not provide the care we do to our communities without them. Whether they are picking up someone with a medical/traumatic condition needing further care or helping facilitate the transfers of patients getting to their appointments, or for a medivac.

They are certified to administer over 15 types of medications providing care anywhere from a basement, street corner or the back of the ambulance. 

It takes a unique individual to become a Paramedic.  They deal with multiple situations like the loss of a community member’s loved one, traumatic vehicle accidents, mental health crises, or helping an elder get to their appointments. Each day is unexpected, and they meet their job demands professionally and with a passion for helping others. 

During the current Pandemic, some may have noticed our Paramedics dressed differently with their protective equipment on, please don’t be alarmed.  This change is for all community members’ safety, as well as their own and the family they go home to. We know it must be a difficult aspect of their job, but they have faced these new requirements without question and remained professional.

We see you out there and we thank each one of you for your dedication to the profession and the communities you serve.