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Celebrating Medical Radiation Technologist week (November 8-14)

Canada’s Medical Radiation Technologists are caring professionals, high-tech specialists, and essential members of your healthcare team. In fact, we’re the very image of care. People assume Radiology is just people taking pictures and that’s it. Sadly it’s not.

It’s scanning a woman who just had an abnormal mammogram and it is getting a second look.

It’s having a patient come in with stroke like symptoms who just a few hours ago could walk and talk but now has no motor function.

It’s the parents of a child who is sick with a cold.

It’s scanning a cancer survivor to see if their cancer has come back.

It’s dealing with the pain, the worry and the sadness.

It’s also seeing those images and knowing that the worries are true.

She does have breast cancer.

They did have a stroke.

Their child does have pneumonia.

And yes, their cancer came back.

It’s all that while walking back into the room and having a smile on our faces and saying “you did an amazing job.”

That’s the part people don’t realize.

We see what’s going on but we can’t tell you.

So the next time your doctor orders a test.

Remember this, we usually see the worst before anyone else does.

Author: Anonymous