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Weeneebayko Area Health Authority announces partnership with Queen’s University and the Mastercard Foundation.

Yesterday, Weeneebayko Area Health Authority announced its partnership with Queen’s University and the Mastercard Foundation to create education and employment through the “Queens Weeneebayko Health Education Program.” With the eventual development of a satellite campus in Moosonee, this project will provide educational opportunities in health sciences to the entire Weeneebayko region through Queens University.

The Mastercard Foundation has generously contributed more than $31 million to Indigenous health, with the goal of assisting 100,000 indigenous youth in achieving meaningful careers by 2030.

The objective of this partnership between WAHA and Queen’s University is to provide First Nations youth with meaningful opportunities based on their cultures, values, and goals. Enrollment could start as early as September 2025 with an ultimate class size of 60 students across the health professions!