• Celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week

    Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition event intended to encourage everyone to learn more about health care safety. During this week, IHI seeks to advance important discussions locally and globally, and inspire action to improve the safety of the health care system — for patients and the workforce. Patient Safety Awareness Week serves…

  • Happy National Pharmacy Assistant’s Day!

    The Executive Team at WAHA would like to thank the Pharmacy Department for their hard work and dedication on October 20th, 2020.

  • WAHA thanks mega-partners at Thunder Airlines

    Thunder Airlines has been a true supporter and has been an essential part of the Executive Team at the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA). On October 16, 2020, WAHA expressed their sincerest gratitude towards their mega- partners at Thunder Airlines.

  • WAHA Launches New Electronic Patient Incident Management System

    The Quality Department at the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) launched a new software tool known as the Harris Emerald Incident Management System (EIMS) on September 14th, 2020.   It is a system that reports, resolves and prevents patient and organizational incident events. According to the Quality Department, “Implementing this system, is a milestone achievement…

  • Celebrating WAHA’s 10th and WGH’s 70th: WAHA KFC Lunch

    On October 7, 2020, the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority ended its weeklong celebration by hosting a luncheon serving KFC to its staff members. KFC was served across all sites including Moosonee, Attawapiskat and Fort Albany.

  • Celebrating WAHA’s 10th and WGH’s 70th: Traditional Food Tasting

    On October 6th, 2020, the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) honoured Indigenous culture by hosting a traditional food tasting event across all sites. In order to honour culture, traditional food such as goose, moose stew, and fresh baked bannock was served across sites including Attawapiskat, Moosonee, Fort Albany and Moose Factory.

  • Celebrating WAHA’s 10th and WGH’s 70th: WAHA BBQ

    As the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) continues to celebrate its 10th Anniversary and as Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH) continues to celebrate its 70th Anniversary, a barbecue was held across sites on October 5th, 2020.

  • Celebrating World Mental Health Day

    As we begin to honour World Mental Health Month, it’s important that we continue to acknowledge the value of self-care and balance in our daily activities. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued the following statement on World Mental Health Day: “Today, on World Mental Health Day, we have an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of…

  • News Update: WAHA resumes its coastal visits

  • Moose Factory curfew resumes Oct. 7, 2020 to Oct. 27, 2020

    A mandatory 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew for all residents of Moose Factory Island will remain in effect as of October 7, 2020. Exemptions will be made only for those attending work in need of medical care and for those participating in traditional harvesting. Under the 3rd bylaw, it states that individuals do not…