COVID-19 Daily Reporting Changes for the James and Hudson Bay Area

To our community members:

Currently, WAHA receives updates from Porcupine Public Health Unit (PPHU) and from local community leadership on the number of new and active cases in the communities of the James and Hudson Bay region. The WAHA team consolidates this information to present the most timely and accurate data possible. However, communication between these partners can take time, and so our reports may not always be the same as what is publicly reported elsewhere. We expect this to continue as each organization has their own process for reporting information.

In an effort to provide the most relevant information, as of January 31st, 2022, WAHA will update only the number of active cases in the region and in each community based on PPHU’s numbers and community updates. Focusing on active cases reduces confusion regarding the number of new or resolved cases and helps to assess the severity of risk in the region.

The safety of communities continues to be our top priority and reporting COVID-19 cases and changes for the region plays an important role in this. Our reports are based on the most up-to-date information available to the WAHA team and are subject to change over time.

Thank you,

WAHA Minomathasowin – Healthy Living Department,

WAHA Communications



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