Inpatient Visitation at WGH, FAH, AH

Effective as of Monday July 12, 2021, we are pleased to announce the following;


All inpatients who are not on isolation precautions can have up to one (1) visitor at a time.


  • All caregivers and visitors will complete entrance screening, the visit must be approved by the clinical department prior to commencement of visit.


  • All Caregivers and Visitors must put on a WAHA medical/surgical mask upon entry and for the entire duration of the visit.

All visitors must continue to adhere to the public health measures and WAHA safety protocols in place.

No Visitors to COVID-19 Wards

Requests for visitation in extenuating circumstances (e.g. palliation) must be sent to Chief of Staff, Dr. Elaine Innes at and Sandra Kioke, VP Clinical & Community Care at

Outpatient Visitation

  • ER patients are permitted one (1) visitor at a time, at the discretion of the clinical team.
  • All MUST follow the same screening and PPE practices as outlined above.
  • No visitors to other outpatient services.

Thank you for your understanding.

WAHA Pandemic Task Force-



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