Daily COVID-19 Report

The daily COVID-19 report is posted daily, Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. and by the Minomathoswin – Healthy Living Public Health Department at Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA). This summary provides the daily numbers for the James and Hudson Bay Region and across Northeastern Ontario.

No new cases have been identified today. As of January 15 5pm, all active case has been resolved in the James and Hudson Bay Region.

COVID-19 Status for Public Health Units across Northeastern Ontario  

Last updated: 4:00 pm January 21 2021

James and Hudson Bay Region  

  • Current number of active cases: 0 
  • Resolved cases: 16 cases in the Region (5 in Attawapiskat and 9 from Moose Factory 2 in Fort Albany) are resolved. 
  • Total number of reported cases in the Region: 16

**Please note that 3 additional cases were reported by the PPHU and were isolating in the Region, the cases were reported in PPHU’s case count and were not included in the James and Hudson Bay reported case count.* These cases are all now resolved.

Regional Testing Update

  • Total Number of testing results: 6092 
  • Number of negative testing results: 5929  
  • Number of pending testing results: 61

Porcupine Health Unit, Sudbury, Timiskaming, North Bay and Parry Sound, Algoma District and Northeastern Ontario updates     

  • There are 15 new cases reported in this region today:
    • All zones are currently in grey-restriction level.
    • Algoma District reported 6 new cases.
    • Sudbury reported 7 new cases.
    • Porcupine Public Health reported 2 new cases.
  • The total number of reported cases is 1029 in the Northeastern Ontario region    
    • 133 cases remain active  

Kingston Updates  

  • Kingston reported 6 new cases.
  • Kingston currently has one active outbreak   
  • Overall, the number of total reported cases of COVID-19: 651  
    • 27 cases remain active and are all self-isolating    

COVID-19 cases across Canada
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COVID-19 cases in Canada

COVID-19 cases in Indigenous communities across Canada

COVID-19 cases in Indigenous Communities across Ontario

COVID-19 Outbreaks in Schools and Long Term Care Centres

School Outbreaks in the James and Hudson Bay Region

School Outbreaks in the Northeastern Ontario

Long Term Care Outbreaks in Northeastern Ontario

All Ontario zones are currently under the grey-restriction level (lockdown).

For the most up to date information on the new COVID-19 restriction levels, head to their website. Where the local community bylaws and the provincial restrictions differ, follow the more restrictive advice.

Epidemiological Summary for period of January 2 2021 to January 8 2021 ​

Restriction levels are determined by province based on percent positivity, weekly incident rate and cumulative rate per 100,000 population.

Data Source: Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (Public Health Ontario). Epidemiologic summary: COVID-19 in Ontario – January 15, 2020 to January 5, 2021. Toronto, ON: Queen’s Printer for Ontario; 2020. https://covid-19.ontario.ca/covid-19-epidemiologic-summaries-public-health-ontario

Helpful information to read and understand the tables:

Resolved Cases:
are those deemed “recovered” and completed 14 days of isolation from when symptoms were first reported.  The cases reported do not included fatal cases and are not currently in hospital.

Percent Positivity (last 7 days):Number of tests performed for COVID-19 in a certain period (during the last 7 days) that were positive

Cumulative Rate per 100,000 population:Total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the report for the region reported per 100,000 population [(total cases/region population)*100 000]

Weekly Incidence Rate per 100,000 population:Number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases reported per 100,000 population in a certain period (past 7 days) [(cases in the period / total population of the period)*100 000]

Data sources and Footnotes for Summary Table

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3. North Bay Health Unit: https://www.myhealthunit.ca/en/health-topics/coronavirus.asp
4. Sudbury and District Health Unit: https://www.phsd.ca/health-topics-programs/diseases-infections/coronavirus/current-status-covid-19
5. Timiskaming Health Unit: http://www.timiskaminghu.com/90484/COVID-19#Current%20Situation
6. Porcupine Health Unit: http://www.porcupinehu.on.ca/en/your-health/infectious-diseases/novel-coronavirus/
7. KFL&A Public Health: https://www.kflaph.ca/en/healthy-living/status-of-cases-in-kfla.aspx

**James and Hudson Bay area statistics are part of the Porcupine Health Unit, thus numbers are also included in the Cochrane District (Porcupine Health Unit) column.