Update to important notice about NIHB travel


As of earlier this morning (Wednesday, October 9, 2019) the phone and internet lines supporting our NIHB travel office have been repaired and are working.

You can contact our NIHB travel office at 1-855-336-2947/705-336-2947 or by email at waha.nihb@waha.ca.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Original message

Our NIHB travel office’s phone and internet services are down. Local technicians have found the problem and Ontera is flying in specialized support this afternoon (Oct. 8).

We expect the phone and internet to be back up and running sometime tomorrow (Oct. 9) and will post an update here and on our Facebook page as soon as service is restored.

Travel requests are still being processed but there may be some delays for non-urgent travel requests. We are doing our best to process requests in order of urgency.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and appreciate your patience as we work to fix the problem.


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