Excellent Care for All Act

What is the Excellent Care for All Act?

The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), which came into law in June of 2010, puts Ontario patients first by strengthening the health care sector’s organizational focus and accountability to deliver high quality patient care.

Requirements for health care providers:

The legislation sets out a number of requirements for health care providers which will be implemented first in the hospital sector, with the intent to expand across all health care organizations in the province. The legislation requires that health care providers:

  • establish quality committees that report on quality-related issues
  • put annual quality improvement plans in place and make these available to the public
  • link executive compensation to the achievement of targets set out in the quality improvement plan
  • put patient / care provider satisfaction surveys in place
  • conduct staff satisfaction surveys
  • develop a declaration of patient values following public consultation
  • establish a patient relations process to address and improve the patient experience (complaints and compliments).

How will the government encourage compliance with the legislation? Have rewards been considered for hospitals demonstrating strong results as a result of compliance?

Compliance with the legislation is expected of all hospitals. The Ontario Health Quality Council, in its enhanced role, will be actively profiling high performers and showcasing leading practices across the sector.

What is the Ontario Health Quality Council (HQO)?

HQO is an independent agency, created under the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act on September 12, 2005. On June 8, 2010, The Excellent Care for All Act was passed in the legislature expanding HQO’s role and mandate.

The functions are:

To monitor and report to the people of Ontario on:

  • access to publicly funded health services
  • health human resources in publicly funded health service
  • consumer and population health status, and
  • health system outcomes

To support continuous quality improvement

To promote health care that is supported by the best available scientific evidence