Infection Prevention and Control

What is infection control?

The WAHA Infection Prevention and Control Department is responsible for preventing and controlling infectious disease outbreaks in all WAHA health care sites.


The program is unique due to the fact that it is supported by many services throughout northeast Ontario including:


WAHA follows the infection prevention and control standards set forth by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Training programs

WAHA is introducing new training initiatives within each if its health care sites, with all staff being involved in education and awareness of infectious diseases, and how they are spread. A focal point of this project is how everyone can do their part by: “Just Cleaning Your Hands” to prevent the spread of microorganisms (germs and viruses). Hand washing is the single most important infection control practice and WAHA’s Infection Prevention and Control Department is key to providing information to all WAHA sites on this topic.


The department provides statistical data on inpatient infections to the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care. This information will be publicly reported on our website.


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