A Message from Our CEO on The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

To our staff and patients:

Today we recognize and honour our family members, friends, and neighbours who are survivors, children of survivors, and fellow members of our communities where children were forced from their homes and made  to attend these institutions by standing in solidarity and wearing our orange. On the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we are observing a statutory day off of work to attend community events, be with family, and reflect upon the atrocities that occurred right here in our homeland.

Across Canada the remains of these children are being recovered, with more and more every day. We know it does not end there, and that there are countless more who never returned home. Each of these children represent a family who never had answers. A family who suffered, and a family that remains to this day incomplete. The trauma caused to these families, survivors, and the next generation remains in need to healing to this day.

These government-mandated institutions had one goal; to assimilate our people and rob us of our culture, our language, our teachings, and our way of life-they failed. Our strength, perseverance, and resiliency has allowed us to begin to overcome these dark days and start the journey towards healing.

Our hope is that more and more will join us in solidarity and will be partners and allies in truth and reconciliation.


Lynne Innes

President & Chief Executive Officer


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