Mammography Accreditation Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the mammography team recently submitted their Year 2 update information, and Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH ) was found to be in compliance with the CAR-MAP requirements and remains in good standing.

WGH is an accredited site with the Canadian Association of Radiologists mammography accreditation program (CAR-MAP).

This is a 3-year accreditation process which involves submitting quality control images and clinical images (anonymized) to be reviewed by Radiologists from across Canada, as well as providing yearly mammography information updates”, states Kathy Carhart, a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) at (WGH).

Accreditation is a very important process in ensuring mammography services are provided at the highest standards. To this end, “the CAR has been entrusted with this important work through self-regulation. We’re privileged to have earned this important role and CAR members can feel a sense of pride for the confidence instilled in the radiology profession. Through various processes and requirements MAP continues to make sure they’re in line with international breast imaging standards and that the criteria reflect the latest research.” For information about the MAP-CAR program, learn more here.

Also visit the Canadian Association of Radiologists website.


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