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  • Statement from the Board of Directors of the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority

    To all our valued community members, The delivery of health care and support for our community is core to who we are and what we do at the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA). The doctors and staff care deeply about the community’s well-being, working together to meet the healthcare needs of the James Bay Region…

  • Board Review – Between MAC and Dr. John Wadell, November and December 2016

    Board Decision

  • WAHA First Nation’s Energy Project


  • Community Relations Department

    WAHA Community Relations Department is the “link” between the community as well as WAHA staff and management. The Department’s role is to facilitate good communication and culturally sensitive health care in the region. The Director of Community Relations (DCR) leads this department; this person has in-depth knowledge of the Cree language, culture and traditions, and…

  • Food Drive for Moose Factory Hamper Project

    December 5 & 6, 2017 Drop off location is at the WAHA Telemedicine waiting room located at…. Please bring in non-perishable items to donate to the Moose Factory Christmas Hamper project. While working with the youth in Moose Factory Lisa Sutherland has identified needy families in the community. She has been organizing the clothing swap…

  • Bringing Care Closer to Home for James and Hudson Bay Seniors

    On October 20-22 2016, Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) in collaboration with the Northeast Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) was honored to have the opportunity to present “Delivering Care on the Coast: The Development and Delivery of Specialized Geriatric Clinics on the James and Hudson Bay Coast in Northeastern Ontario” at the 45th Annual Scientific and…

  • Focus Newsletter – Fall 2015

    Focus Newsletter – Fall 2015

  • Focus Newsletter – Winter 2015

    Focus Newsletter – Winter 2015

  • A Message to the Residents of the Weeneebayko Region

    A Message from WAHA President and CEO Bernie D.Schmidt Most people have likely heard or seen the recent CBC radio and print stories. It is very unfortunate that the CBC have linked the unproven claims of a recent ex-contract mental health worker to the larger WAHA Mental Health Staff Team and even more unfairly to…

  • Ininew Patient Services Automated Appointment Notification System

    Download Health Canada Press Release for Notification of Ininew Patient Services Auto Appointment Notice System