Non-Insured Health Benefits

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides travel benefits to Indigenous peoples with “Indian Status” when it is deemed medically necessary for patients to access medical care provided outside of their community.

*NEW* Resource: Process for Clients Using NIHB Medical Transportation Services

Completed forms can be faxed to 705-336-2637 or be emailed to

Do you have questions regarding the NIHB Program during COVID-19 pandemic, review the NIHB Program COVID-19 Questions and Answers document (PDF). For more information, read the NIHB July 2020 Update (Web) or download it here (PDF).

NIHB COVID-19 Questions and Answers (PDF) is now available.

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program: Client Reimbursement

Patient Rights and Responsibilities (PDF) explains the rights and responsibilities of anyone from the Weeneebayko region using the NIHB program for medical travel.

Jordan’s Principle Handbook 2019 (PDF)

Ontario Normal Working Hours (PDF)

NIHB Afterhours Contacts v.01 (PDF)

Travel arrangements

The following information is required for travel requests to be approved:

  • Referral and proper medical documentation from a physician
  • 10 digit band number
  • The client’s name must be the same name registered with the band (including children)
  • All travel must be medically necessary and related to the condition of the client, especially for escorts (family member or caregiver) to travel under the program

Registering babies

Infants need to be registered with a band before their first birthday to avoid delays in receiving NIHB benefits.

Contact: 1-855-336-2947 or 705-336-2947 (service in Cree is available)
Email: Fax: 705-336-2637

To learn more about Indian status and the Indian Registry visit Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

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