Diagnostic Imaging

What is diagnostic imaging?

The use of state-of-the-art technology to take pictures and videos of the body to provide doctors and nurses with an inside look into the body. This is done by professionally trained and experienced radiology technologists. This assists doctors and nurses in determining a diagnosis and available treatment options. In addition, it helps them gather information on how their patients can stay healthy.

Depending on the condition and questions being asked, different imaging technology is used:

  • General Radiography (X-Rays)
  • Fluoroscopy (Live Videoing)
  • Ultrasonography (Ultrasounds)
  • Digital Mammography (Mammograms)
  • Diagnostic Mammograms – OBSP (50 years of age and able to self-refer)
  • ECG & Halter Monitoring (Heart Tests)
  • PACS System (Computerized X-Rays)

As there is no radiologist on site, the PACS system and telemammography have significantly reduced delays in having test results reviewed by the specialist. With this advanced technology, test results can now be sent the same day by computer to the Radiologist at the Timmins Hospital for further interpretation.

WGH was the first hospital in North America to use telemammography starting in 2005.


WAHA’s Diagnostic Imaging Department is located in Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH) in Moose Factory and services the whole WAHA region.

PocketHealth Online Form:

Accessing and Viewing Images

Online access to imaging records through PocketHealth

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) now offers patients and their families access to their medical imaging records online. Once patients enrol for access they can view their entire medical imaging history at WAHA or even burn to their own CD/DVD/USB from home. There is a $5 fee at the time of enrolment, and it includes permanent access to all previous imaging records as well as new exams patients undergo over the following two weeks.  Please note that an extra fee of an additional $5 will be charged for imaging records requested after two weeks.

Patients can visit the PocketHealth website via this link or fill out the paper form they are handed at the time of their registration and submit it to any WAHA Medical Imaging staff.

Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)

Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH) offers breast screening services to women as part of the OBSP through scheduled clinics each year. Please refer below to see if you should go for breast screening. Talk to your health care provider with any questions you might have and to make arrangements for booking your appointment.

Note: It is very important for patients to keep their scheduled appointments as routine mammography services are available on an approximate 8 week schedule.

Service providers should forward all requests for mammography to the WGH Diagnostic Imaging Department for patient bookings.

OBSP Guidelines

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) has been providing comprehensive, organized screening services to Ontario women age 50 and over since 1990. The OBSP’s target is to screen 68% of Ontario women aged 50-69 by 2011/12.

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) has been providing comprehensive, organized screening services to Ontario women age 50 and over since 1990. The OBSP’s target is to screen 68% of Ontario women aged 50-69 by 2011/12.Women who are screened at OBSP sites receive services that are accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists. Women also receive the added value of participating in an organized program with recruitment, results notification, automatic recall, coordinated follow-up and evaluation. A doctor’s referral is not needed.

Women eligible for the OBSP

  • Ontario residents 50 years of age and older
  • No acute breast symptoms
  • No personal history of breast cancer
  • No current breast implants
  • Have not had a mammogram within the last twelve months

Source: Cancer Care Ontario, Ontario Breast Screening Program Backgrounder, Celebrating 20 years of the Ontario Breast Screening Program.

WAHA is affiliated with the Ontario Breast Screening Program. Through this affiliation, WAHA works in collaboration with Timmins and District Hospital (TDH) to provide the clients in the region access to the Rapid Breast Assessment Clinic. This allows WAHA clients being examined for breast disease to receive a diagnosis within 4-6 weeks, even if further testing is done at TDH through MRI’s and biopsies.

Appointment referrals:

Appointments for the Diagnostic Imaging Department are done through physician referrals only. Once an appointment is scheduled for a client, the Department will send an appointment notice to the client in the mail, and if applicable, a transportation sheet will be sent to the non-insured health department (valid status card required).

There are scheduled patient runs from the coastal Health/Nursing Centres for status Indians. For other patients traveling to Moose Factory for business or other reasons, WGH will do its best to schedule an appointment.

Appointment rescheduling or cancellation:

It is important for patients to keep their appointments. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call (705) 658-4544 ext. 2305.