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Contact Information

Manager of Specialized Services: (705) 658-4544 ext. 2433

What is hemo dialysis?

Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH) provides “hemo dialysis”, a process for removing waste and extra water from the blood when a patient has lost kidney function or their kidneys are no longer working (renal failure). A patient is hooked up to a specialized dialysis machine for this process and has their blood purified (cleaned).

Location of the service

WAHA’s Dialysis Department is located in the Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH), Moose Factory.

Currently, WGH has six dialysis machines, which can service up to 12 patients living within WAHA communities on an on-going basis. These same patients receive continuous treatment for life, or up to when they qualify for a kidney transplant.

Support to the program

Kingston General Hospital provides support to WGH’s dialysis program when required.

WGH recently implemented an electronic record system, which allows a Nephrologist (a doctor who specializes in kidney health and disease) in Kingston to do live monitoring while the patient is receiving their treatment at WGH.

Appointment referrals

Patients requiring dialysis services within the WAHA region are identified upon obtaining referrals from a WGH physician. These patients are admitted to the Kingston Program first. Once their conditions are deemed stable, then consideration is given to relocating them to WGH.