In Patient Pharmacy


WAHA’s Inpatient Pharmacy is located within Weeneebayko General Hospital (WGH) in Moose Factory and provides prescriptions for all patients that become inpatients at WGH, Fort Albany or Attawapiskat Hospitals.


The Inpatient Pharmacy at WGH uses a unique process for filling the orders for each site, this process is as follows:

  1. An off-site pharmacist inputs all of the prescription orders to be filled online.
  2. The offsite pharmacists are always available 24/7/365 to ALL Clinicians at WAHA for medication questions at 1-866-435-5180 ext. 111.
  3. The Inpatient Pharmacy at WGH has on-site pharmacy assistants who receive the orders. These pharmacy staff are dedicated to filling and distributing all of the orders to the appropriate areas for WAHA departments and/or sites.

Out-Patient Pharmacist Services

Comprehensive Medication Reviews with a Pharmacist (Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions)

New service for all WAHA residents – call 1-866-435-5180 ext. 168 (Mon-Fri 8am -4pm) to discuss any concerns you may have about your medications.

Pharmacist-Assisted Warfarin Dosing Program – If you are a warfarin patient or caregiver- call 1-866-436-5180 ext. 113 with questions for the warfarin pharmacist (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm).

Hours of operation

The Pharmacy is open from 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday. The Pharmacy is not open to the public.


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