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Operating Room

Surgical consultations and procedures are provided to all of WAHA’s coastal communities including Moosonee/Moose Factory from Weeneebayko General Hospital.

Locum surgical coverage is provided seamlessly 24/7 and includes:

  • consultations
  • major and minor general surgical procedures of a wide spectrum examples include: cholecystectomy
  • appendectomy
  • emergency laparotomy for bowel obstruction,
  • skin grafts
  • release of carpal tunnel
  • hernia repairs
  • amputations
  • caesarian sections
  • advanced wound care
  • laparoscopic procedures,
  • and some gynecologic procedures
  • upper and lower endoscopy


Visiting specialties include gynecology, urology, ENT and periodically plastics.


There is one major and one minor operating room within WGH, both with up-to-date equipment. A weekly surgical clinic is provided in Moosonee and periodic surgical visits to the remote communities are also provided for consultations and follow-up.

The majority of surgery is done on a day-surgery basis but in-patient admission is available as needed. This includes an acute care unit with monitoring capability.


Anesthesia coverage is also provided seamlessly by locum anesthetists.


Specialist consultations are readily obtained from Kingston General Hospital for advice or transfer of special surgical problems.