Winner for January-February 2013

Annie Baxter Wins Digital Camera for Participating in Cancer Screening


The WAHA Cancer Care Project team is proud to announce that Annie Baxter of Moose Factoryis the winner of the January – February 2013 colorectal cancer screening draw and has received a Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera for being screened. Annie’s name was selected from a group of people who participated in colorectal screening as part of the WAHA Under Never Screened Cancer Care Project.

WAHA encouragesmen and women aged 50-74totake partin colorectal screening by scheduling an appointment with a nurse or physicianat a WAHA hospital orhealth centre(Moosonee, Moose Factory,Attawapiskat)or a HealthCanadaNursing Station (Kashechewan and Peawanuck).

Every person in this age group who participates in colorectal screening will receive a $25 Northern Gift Card (while quantities last) for being screened and will also be entered in a draw to win a monthly prize.

For more details on the contest, please visit the following links.

WAHA Cancer Brochure Page One
WAHA Cancer Brochure Page Two

WAHA will be announcing the winner of the February – March 2013 and March – April 2013 contests shortly and encourages men and women who are 50-74 years of age to get involved by scheduling an appointment at your local WAHA or Health Canada location.