Maintaining Public Health Measures at Weeneebayko Area Health Authority

To our community members:

In response to improving public health indicators provincially, the Government of Ontario recently announced that many COVID-19 measures would be lifted in March 2022. While this provides hope for the future, we must acknowledge that communities within the James Bay and Hudson Bay region have elevated rates of COVID-19 among high-risk populations.

In an effort to reduce COVID-19 exposures within our facilities, the following public health measures will be maintained by WAHA until further notice:

  1. There are no changes to WAHA PPE protocols. For example, staff and visitors must continue to wear a medical mask to enter any WAHA facility.
  2. COVID-19 screening will continue at all WAHA facilities.
  3. COVID-19 testing centers will continue to provide services.

We have seen how these measures work to keep both clients and staff safe. We thank you in advance for your continued understanding and dedication to protecting our communities.


WAHA Pandemic Task Force


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