Updates to Inpatient Visitation Practices at WAHA

Attention community members:

As of April 7th 2022, the following visitation practices will be implemented at all WAHA sites. Visitation shall be managed on a site-to-site basis and is subject to change. Visitation can occur if the site Director of Care has approved visitation and the following requirements met:

  • Limited visitation for isolated patients:
    • Patients in COVID Wards may not have visitors unless palliative; consult with Chief of Staff and/or VP Nursing
    • Consult the unit manager for patients isolating for reasons other than COVID-19
  • Maximum of one visitor per patient at a time at Weeneebayko General Hospital and two per patient at a time in Fort Albany Hospital and Attawapiskat Hospital
    • Exception: Palliative patients may have more than one visitor. Consult site Director of Care/Unit Manager
    • Requests for additional visitation can be directed to the site Director of Care/Chief of Staff/VP Nursing
  • Visiting hours:
    • 9am – 4pm daily. Recommended for visitors to call ahead
  • Visitors must be logged:
    • Receiving department to document visitor name, contact information, date/time of visit, name of patient visited
  • Visitors must show proof of vaccination (2 or more doses)
    • Exception: Visitors to palliative patients do not have to be fully vaccinated but must show a negative rapid COVID-19 antigen test taken on the same day as the visit
  • Visitors must pass entrance screening
    • Exception: Visitors to palliative patients who screen “positive” may request permission to visit from the unit charge nurse or manager. If visitation approved, they must proceed directly to the patients’ room and may not visit other rooms or persons, must keep PPE on, etc.
  • Visitors must present proof of a negative rapid or PCR test taken the day of or the day before the visit.
    • Exception: where an individual has had a prior confirmed COVID‑19 infection which has resolved, the individual is exempt from testing for 90 days from the date of the confirmed COVID‑19 infection. The individual should not be re-tested except with new onset of signs or symptoms of COVID‑19
      • After hours/on weekends (when rapid tests are not available in community) a visitor may receive a single rapid test for the purposes of visitation from WAHA
      • Sites may elect to perform rapid testing at the time of the visit prior to the visit beginning
  • Personal Protective Equipment and public health practices
    • Visitors must wear medical masks for duration of indoor visits
    • Essential caregivers must also wear eye protection if caring for a patient with suspect/confirmed COVID-19
    • Physical distancing of 6’/2m between groups of visitors must be maintained

Visitation to Outpatient Departments: No change; no visitors. Patient escorts only.

Visitation to Palliative Patients in COVID-19 Wards: No change. Follow site-specific protocols.


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