Marcel and Frances Labelle Foundation Donates $50,000 to WAHA

(left to right) Representing WAHA were: Francine Linklater – Manager of the Surgical Unit, Deborah Hill – VP Patient Care/CNE, Dr. Glen Rodgers – Dentist, Dr. Abbass Saleh – Dentist., Pauline Louttit, Bessie McLeod and Acrifa Fears – Operating Room Nurses

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority is proud to announce that we received a generous $50,000 donation from the Marcel and Frances Labelle Foundation in July of 2017. The donation was used to purchase a brand new surgical table for the Weeneebayko General Hospital, Moose Factory. Marcel Labelle has a history of overseeing construction projects within our Region, including the Moosonee and Attawapiskat airstrips.

The surgical table arrived in early August. WAHA wishes to thank Dr. Gerhard Klassen for connecting us with the Foundation.

WAHA President and CEO, Bernie D. Schmidt says, “WAHA is thankful to Marcel and Frances Labelle for their generosity, this will enable our surgical team to continue offering the best possible quality care to patients of the James and Hudson Bay Region.”

For those wishing to donate to WAHA’s Foundation, please visit


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