Report: Learning from Our Ancestors – Mortality Experience of Communities Served by Weeneebayko Area Health Authority

Through our partnership with Mamow Ahyamowen, we have developed a report entitled ‘Learning from Our Ancestors: Mortality Experience of Communities Served by the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority’. This report describes the mortality experience of communities in the James and Hudson’s Bay Region and provides helpful health information for healthcare providers, organizations, and communities to understand the mortality patterns of patients in the region. In sharing this health information, it is our hope that communities will use this data to further ask questions to guide future research and data analysis in this area.

Note: To ensure the privacy of the communities in this regional report, the data is aggregated and de-identified. The data is also respectful of count sizes to ensure individual First Nations within the Weeneebayko region cannot be identified.

To access the overall partnership level report, please visit First Nations Data Reports – Mamow Ahyamowen Partnership.

To access the WAHA-specific report, please visit the link below.


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