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COVID-19 Community Update: Pandemic Projections for James Bay and Hudson Bay region

Countries and communities around the world are seeing the benefit of strictly following social/physical distancing guidelines.

This is true for our region as well. The quick decision-making by Chiefs and Councils to implement social/physical distancing measures is part of the reason we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our region yet.

WAHA is working with each community we serve to keep the people of our region and our staff safe and healthy.

WAHA’s leadership team presented pandemic projections to Chiefs and Health Directors from our region and to all of our staff earlier today.

It’s important to note that the models, pictured below, are based on projections that are based on estimates.

The bottom line is, if we all strictly follow social/physical distancing guidelines, we will be able to minimize harm to community members and health-care workers.

We all have a role in keeping our community as healthy as possible.

Physical distancing means:

  • keeping our distance from one another and limiting activities outside the home, and
  • staying at least 2 metres (or 6 feet) away from other people whenever possible.

Graph showing infection, hospitalization and deaths from COVID-19 if strict social distancing followedCOVID-19 infection, hospitalization, death rates if little to no social distancing followed