Ambulance Services

Ambulance service numbers

  • Moose Factory (705) 658-1111
  • Moosonee (911)
  • Attawapiskat (705) 997-1111
  • Fort Albany (705) 278-1111
  • Kashechewan(705) 275-4004
  • Peawanuck (705) 473-2525**

These emergency numbers are all call forwarded to Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre, where they will dispatch an ambulance to the caller.

**Peawanuck is not included in the Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre catchment area at this time and calls are managed locally by the Federal Nursing Station..

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority Paramedic Service (WAHA-PS)

WAHA-PS provides pre-hospital care in all of the listed communities, as well as host support services for WAHA’s First Response Team for surrounding communities.


WAHA-PS operates bases in five WAHA communities which include:

  • Attawapiskat
  • Fort Albany
  • Kashechewan
  • Moose Factory
  • Moosonee

WAHA-PS also provides “Host” support for the Peawanuck Emergency First Response Team.

The administration office of WAHA-PS is located in Moosonee. For matters pertaining to ambulance business, please contact their office at (705) 336-2353.


The Ministry of Health in Ontario (Emergency Health Services branch) provided WAHA-PS with their updated accreditation standing in 2013 and WAHA-PS met the standards of the Ministry to retain their operator’s license.

Interesting fact:

WAHA-PS is fully accredited with Ontario’s Ministry of Health Emergency Services, and strives to exceed provincial standards. On average, WAHA-PS responds to 400 calls per month.