WAHA Visitor Information


To care for our community, patient and staff we have implemented the following at all WAHA sites:

All patients, staff and visitors must wear a surgical mask when entering all WAHA sites.

Essential visitors will continue to be permitted provided they pass entrance screening at all sites

An essential visitor is one (1) person who is:

  • Visiting a very ill or palliative patient.
  • A parent/guardian accompanying a minor.
  • An obstetrics support person.
  • A person who will provide physical assistance to a patient.

Example: An individual who will need to be driven home after a procedure.

Inpatients in sites with Complex Continuing Care patients (Fort Albany Hospital & Attawapiskat Hospital) may be visited by appointment only by one person at a time, given they meet visitor requirements. This is in order to protect our elders.

Visitor Requirements are as follows as per the Ontario Ministry of Health recommendations for Long Term Care

Before the visit, the visitor shall:

  • Call to book a visitation appointment
    Arrange for COVID-19 testing and ensure a negative result within the 14 days prior to the visit
  • On arrival to the hospital site/just before the visit, the visitor shall:
    • Attest to Entrance Screener that they have been tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 in the last 14 days by signing an attestation form
  • Optional: the visitor may show their negative test result if they are comfortable doing so
    • Pass entrance screening for COVID-19 risk:
      • If positive/high risk screening: NO ENTRY to protect our elders, patients and staff
        During the visit, the visitor shall:
        Wear personal protective equipment as directed by nursing, if required.
        Wear a mask at all times during the visit

Other things to note:

  • Outdoor visiting only in the dedicated area
  • Staff will transfer patients to/from this area; visitors are not to enter the building to visit
  • ONE (1) Visitor at a time per patient
  • Visits must be scheduled in advance to allow appropriate distancing and staffing
  • Time Limit: maximum of 30 minutes
  • Scheduling Limit: minimum one visit per week per patient

Information for your visit:

Wash Your Hands

When you arrive at any of our three campuses (Fort Albany, Attawapiskat, Weeneebayko General), you will see hand sanitizer stations set up at each of our entrances. Please stop and cleanse your hands before entering the hospital.


Wherever possible, we have eliminated the use of products with scents or other properties that are known to cause health problems for patients, visitors, employees and volunteers. Please do not wear/use perfume, after-shave or other scented personal products in the hospital or when visiting a patient.

Violence in the Workplace

The Weeneebayko Area Health Authority will not tolerate violent acts or threats directed at any employee, physician or volunteer. Security Services will be notified and take the appropriate action.

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