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WAHA Strategic Plan

The WAHA Board of Directors operates on a three year planning cycle.

Commitment to Quality

WAHA is committed to ensuring that the health authority fulfills its obligation to deliver high quality standards in every aspect of health care that engages patients, community members, allied partners and Weeneebayko staff. The organization’s quality strategy provides the framework to systematically assess, evaluate and improve the structure, process and outcome related activities in care and services, highlighting an organization wide approach which is collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. At WAHA, we strive to ensure that quality standards are defined and adhered to throughout the organization. WAHA embraces both western and traditional approaches to medicine.


WAHA’s commitment to quality aligns with the organization’s mission, vision and values.

For more information, please visit the links listed below:

WAHA Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (PDF)