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Surprise! We Have 3 New Deliveries!

On June 4th, three GE Panda iRes, state-of-the-art infant warmers arrived at our hospital nurseries and newborn intensive care units in Moose Factory, Attawapiskat, and Fort Albany. 

Meeting the Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Guidelines, these GE Panda iRes infant warmers will help us keep babies’ bodies warm through temperature regulation.

Some prominent features of these Panada warmers includes:

  • Recessed heater dish
  • Dimmable Observational Lights
  • Hands Free Alarm Silence
  • Graphical trending features
  • APGAR Timer
  • Full Colour Control Panel
  • Resuscitation Mattress
  • Progressive, adjustable alarms
  • Bed tilt
  • Dovetail Rail System

Infant radiant warmers provide infrared heat in a controlled manner to neonates who are unable to thermo-regulate based on their own physiology.

Infant radiant warmers may be used to facilitate the neonate’s transitions to the external environment or to provide controlled exposure to it.

With hands-free alarm silencing, the Panda Warmer has easy-to-read control panels, optional SpO2 and more, the GE Panda iRes provides caregivers and parents peace of mind.

The GE Panda Warmer comes standard with GE’s new Hourglass Heat Profile, giving the baby uniform, gentle heat while keeping caregivers and parents cool and comfortable.

WAHA celebrates with its baby patients and families in welcoming these new additions to our hospitals.

We are committed to providing the best quality care possible for our babies and families!