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Non-Insured Health Benefits – Medical Transportation Services Appointment Outside Of Your Community

Due to the high number of “no-shows” for medical appointments, the processes for travel arrangements will change effective Monday, May 29th, 2023.

Purpose of Changes:

  1. Ensure clients that are waitlisted can attend their appointment.
  2. Provide enough time to contact and cancel arrangements with vendors (airline, train, hotel) without incurring costs.
  3. Provide enough time to contact health care providers to cancel appointments without incurring costs.


  1. Client must call Ininew Patient Services at 1-844-356-1178, 1-613-549-2684, or 1-613-544-3400 ext. 3074 at least 10 days before your appointment to confirm that you want medical transportation.
  2. If an escort request has been forwarded to IPS, you must provide the escort’s name, date of birth, Band #, and community.
  3. Call WAHA-Medical Transportation for your travel instructions at 1-855-336-2947 (free) 3 business days prior to your travel date.
    • leave a message on the IPS and/or WAHA NIHB voice mail with your name, approved escort’s information, and your phone number.
    • medical transportation may not be available to you if you do not confirm you want medical transportation with IPS and do not contact WAHA NIHB for your travel instructions. This may result in Medical Transportation or your health care provider cancelling your appointment.
  4. For Urgent appointments, confirmation of appointment and travel must be made as soon as possible.