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The Weeneebayko Area Health Authority logo combines the Weeneebayko General Hospital and James Bay General Hospital (JBGH) logos.

Weeneebayko logo

The geese are taken from the JBGH hospital logo and represent the customs and culture present in all the communities, and refer to partaking in the traditional spring and fall goose hunt. Preserving the customs and culture of the region is beneficial to maintaining a healthy spirit and is reflective in its’ community members.

The two bays are represented and appear in the name Weeneebayko Area Health Authority. In Cree, the word Weeneebayko means “of the two bays”.

The four medicine wheel colors are significant and mean:

  • Man: white, yellow, red and black;
  • Holistic/traditional health: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual;
  • Laws of humanity: kindness, honesty, sharing and strength, and
  • Stages of man: child, adolescent, adult and elder.