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Aging at Home

Regional Discharge Planning Program

To our valued Community Partners and Members:

On behalf of Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA) we want to thank and acknowledge all our Community Partners for their participation in the design and development of regional materials that are culturally-relevant and community driven. In particular, we want to highlight the following contributors:

  • MoCreebec Council of the Cree Nation
  • Moose Cree First Nation Health
  • WAHA, Fort Albany Hospital and Peetabeck Health Services
  • WAHA, Attawapiskat Hospital and Attawapiskat Band Health Services
  • Health Canada, Kashechewan Nursing Station
  • Health Canada, Peawanuck Nursing Station \
  • WAHA, Moosonee Health Centre
  • Red Cross, Moosonee
  • Community Care Access Centre, Moosonee
  • WAHA, James Bay Ambulance Service
  • WAHA, Weeneebayko General Hospital

WAHA, along with our partners and community-based groups, understands that regardless of age, people in our region prefer to live in their own homes or with loved ones for as long as they are able. Aging successfully and independently is supported by Communities working together to ensure their members are well looked after.

We are pleased to provide you copies of the following materials:


How I can get started with the Exercise Video

Instructions for Exercise Video


WAHA Exercise Video

WAHA Exercise Video Limited Mobility Exercises

Making Healthier Choices

WAHA Cancer Screening Project Video and Supporting Materials – Visit our Weeneebayko Area Health Authority Cancer Screening page on Facebook

We hope you find the materials useful and you can also obtain electronic copies on the WAHA website

Thank you,

Bernie D. Schmidt
President & CEO